Physics, Design and Social Justice

In this project, students seek to develop a physics-based solution to a local, regional, national or international social justice problem.  Using the Columbia Business School’s The Designing for Growth Field Book as a guide, students research their issues, design a prototype and present their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists and designers.  Projects over the past three years have included the Teddy Text, AquafyKenya, PlayWater and the Disposa-Cozy.



Step 1: Identify an Opportunity

Step 2: Scope Your Project

Step 3: Design Brief

Step 4: PeoplePlan

Step 4: Research Plan

Step 7: Establish Design Criteria

Step 9: Concept Summary

Step 10: Napkin Pitch

Last Steps

Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Rubric

2015-2016 Napkin Pitches on YouTube