Teaching and Learning: Media-Based

Talia Tyson Stool

Tyson exerts many forces on the stool on Talia in the Kitchen.

Physics is everywhere, including television shows and movies.  Video clips can be used to test conceptual understanding, do data analysis in Logger Pro, or address misconceptions.  If you are interested in any of the assignments I have developed based on popular TV shows, please email me at: ericw808@gmail.com.  I have chosen not to publish them here mainly because I use them as assessments in class on a regular basis.  You can download a full list of clips and associated physics concepts below.

The Price Is Right

  • Hole in One Game: Impulse-Momentum Theorem, Rotation, Kinematics
  • Showcase Showdown: Torque, Rotation

The Three Stooges

  • Dizzy Detectives: Conservation of Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Friction, Projectile Motion

The Amazing Race

  • Krakow, I’m Gonna get You: Momentum, Static and Kinetic Friction, Newton’s Laws
  • My Cheese Is Out of Control: Rotation
  • It’s Not East Beating Green: Free Fall Motion
  • That’s Money, Honey: Rotation, Rolling Motion

Best Friends Whenever

  • Worst Night Whenever: Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • A Time to Double Date: Collisions


  • The First Law of Dirk: Projectile Motion, Momentum and Impulse, Free Fall, Momentum in Two Dimensions

Die Pfefferkorner

  • Staffel 5 Intro: Dynamic Equilibrium

Liv and Maddie: Cali-Style

  • Falcon-A-Rooney: Momentum and Impulse, Air Resistance

Girl Meets World

  • Girl Meets Cory and Topanga: Projectile Motion, Rotational Inertia

Henry Danger

  • Birthday Girl: Conservation of Energy, Momentum and Impulse, Projectile Motion


  • iLook Alike: Conservation of Momentum, Conservation of Energy, Friction

Lab Rats: Elite Force

  • The Rise of Five: Rotational Motion

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

  • Late Bus: Projectile Motion

Talia in the Kitchen

  • Storm and Grubb: Conservation of Momentum, Rotational Inertia
  • Cat Named Beschamel: Free Body Diagrams, Newton’s Laws
  • Spice Heist: Friction
  • Brothers Grubb: Rotation
  • Just Desserts: Work-Energy Theorem


  • Smells Like Team Spirit: Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Momentum, Projectile Motion
  • Report Card: Escape Velocity
  • Banished! Conservation of Energy, Friction
  • Going Wonkers: Simple Harmonic Motion, Impulse-Momentum Theorem
  • Restaurant Crashers: Kinematics, Rotation, Conservation of Energy
  • Up Up and Vacay: Simple Harmonic Motion, Period of a Pendulum
  • He Got Game Night: Frictional Torque
  • Four Supes and a Baby: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • On the Straight and Arrow: Kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion