Science and Social Entrepreneurship

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Science and Social Justice – Enhancing Your Curriculum with Authentic Learning Experiences


The science curriculum provides a unique opportunity for teaches to infuse teaching and learning with the broader topics of social justice and design thinking. In this interactive discussion, participants will review several ongoing high school projects, including Physics, Design, and Social Justice, the benchmark project in Honors Physics, in which teams of students develop a physics-based solution to a social justice issue. We’ll also discuss the infusing of social justice and design thinking into an Upper School Atmospheric Science class, including Sandy Stories, in which students published a digital book of personal stories of members of the school community directly affected by Superstorm Sandy; the Access to Clean Water Initiative, in which students raised awareness of water access issues through digital publications as well as a future partnership with noted international initiative. We’ll also crowdsource one science and social justice project that participants can take back to their classrooms.

Supporting Documents

Science and Social Entrepreneurship Powerpoint

Youtube Channel: Napkin Pitches and Commercials