From Prototype to Pitch Presentation


We’ve all seen children selling lemonade by the side of the road. What a great example of entrepreneurship! According to writer Gene Coulson, “entrepreneurship … provides a background for the teaching of academic subjects giving those studies a grounding in the real world” and “creative thinking is discouraged in favor of learning the “right” answer and being able to enter it on a test answer sheet.” We want our students to be active participants in their learning: designing, prototyping, creating, ideating, producing and promoting.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore low resolution learning experiences in design and innovative. You will develop a new “product” by reimagining an existing product and follow the design thinking process from your initial concept to your final design, then pitching your product with a Shark Tank style presentation. You will leave with a deeper understanding of the role of design thinking and entrepreneurship in your own curriculum. Come with your smartphone, your ideas and an open mind. Be prepared to start your own 21st century lemonade stand.

Supporting Materials

Prototype to Pitch

Workshop Outline

Character Cards