DMCC @ Windward School: Low Res Jam – Cardboard, Glue, Scissors and More!

Title: Low Res Jam – Cardboard, Glue, Scissors and More!

Description: Seymour Papert from MIT once stated that the goal of education is that students learn ““know how to act when faced with situations for which they were not specifically prepared.”  Innovation and invention allow students to transform their own learning through the lens of design thinking and maker education.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore low resolution learning experiences in design and innovation.  You’ll be given a problem to solve, based on the needs of your client, a fellow participant.  You will follow the design thinking process from your initial concept to your final product, by using low resolution materials to either re-imaging an existing product (that’s innovation!) or creating a new product (that’s invention!).   We’ll also discuss exemplar projects; mechanisms for weaving “challenge-based learning” activities into an existing curriculum; and strategies for material and time management.


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