DMCC @ Windward School: Innovative Learning, Innovative Assessment

Untangling the Strands of Assessment: How Do We Measure Soft Skills in Project-Based Learning

Ask a teacher to assess a student’s understanding and application of basic or advanced science skills and concepts, and we can quickly write a formative or summative assessment.  But asking a teacher assess a student’s ability to manage project time, to collaborate, to design or to ideate provides a unique challenge.  As design thinking, project-based learning and other innovative learning experiences take hold in our curriculum, the need for effective assessment strategies offers a key challenge.  How do we assess these soft skills?  Or should we?

In this think tank session, participants will debate, dissect and discuss existing methodologies for soft skill assessments.  Our goal will be to produce a document with guidelines and suggestions for educators.  Because this topic is so broad, the discussion will follow a previous discussion at the STEM Think Tank and Conference at Harpeth Hall in Nashville, so that, by the end of the summer, both groups will have contributed to one document: Recommendations for Assessment Strategies in Project-Based Learning.

Download the presentation here.

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