Recap is a teacher App that “let’s teachers see how students learn.”

At the beginning of the year, I wanted each of my students to recap the key concepts, ideas, and problem-solving strategies learned during the week.  It was an ambitious goal for sure, but I soon learned a couple of things:

  1. Students were often just transcribing their notes, even if they were given directed questions to answer.
  2. They didn’t see much value in doing a weekly summary.
  3. I had trouble keeping up with evaluating their summaries.

Then I was introduced to Recap.

This free, beta service works cross-platform.  But what’s different about Recap is that the students are required to provide a video response to a question – and I can give that question either as a video or as a written statement.  I tested it out on one of their tests – I was hooked.

This semester, a student is assigned a weekly recap.  I assigned a recap:

Recap 1

For example, I may ask: “Explain how Newton’s Second Law for Rotation is a rotational analogue for Newton’s Second Law.”

I can then assign the Recap question to either the entire class or to one student in particular.


I can also select the maximum recording time – this is a great feature in ensuring students get to the point.  I can set the due date for up to two weeks in advance, as well as ask students to assess themselves. Do they really understand the question?  One might think students would always select “Got It!” But they are pretty honest in their assessment of their own understanding.

After the due date, I receive an email stating the recap is complete.  I can go in and watch it – and then add some comments under the video.


If I chose, I can share the video with the class.  I’ve debated having students peer review the videos, but haven’t decided to do that yet.

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