Design, Do, Discover – Day 2

Our second day at Castilleja brought more workshops!

I first attended 3D Design and Printing.  This was a really good review of concepts I already knew, but that was ok.  I worked on my design for my project: The WaterGate.  This little device would measure water flow through a pipe, and when certain conditions (which I hadn’t decided on yet) were met, a pipe with flowing water would stop. This concept is to enhance one of my student’s projects.  I used TinkerCad to create the design and then exported it to the 3D printer using MakerWare.

WaterGate 1


In my second workshop on the Arduino, I learned about Ardublocks.  As a novice to programming, I liked Ardublocks.  It’s also good for students, in that the actual could is shown along side the block code. Great learning experience for students!

I played around with the touch sensor and the temperature sensor.  That lead me to my final project idea and concept.  Chlorinating water is an exothermic reaction so if I put a temperature sensor at the end of my water-gate, I could indirectly measure the amount of chlorine entering the water.  If the water temperature gets too high, the water becomes overchlorinated.  Then I’d have a little servo motor to lower a cap at the end of the pipe.  Id just need to find a way to open the pipe again.

Overall, DDD was a fascinating experience.  An experience full of good people and good ideas – and with a focus on innovative educational strategies.  Can’t wait for us to host it in 2015!


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