Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter

I found this gem – the Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter – on Kickstarter and received my wind meter in the mail the other day.

Vaavud Wind Meter for Smartphones

A well-designed piece of plastic that attaches through the microphone jack on your iPhone, the Vaavud Wind Meter provides some very accurate data for wind speed.  It connects the Vaavud wind meter App (free on the iTunes store).

The data is presented in two ways:

  • Real time mean wind speed, actual wind speed and maximum wind speed.  The data can be displayed in a variety of units.
  • A graph of actual wind speed with respect to time, overlaid over a graph of mean wind speed over time.

Vaavud wind data screen

The applications to my Atmospheric Science class are immediate.  First, we no longer need Vernier equipment to record wind speed data around the school.  Plus, I can send the devices home with the students to get a picture of wind speeds across the city at a given time.  Love the fact I can have students using their own devices as part of the curriculum.

My one pet peeve – the data cannot be exported or downloaded for further analysis, nor can you store runs for comparison.  The folks at Vaavud have been very responsive to suggestions from educators.  The data is stored on your phone (although it cant be recalled) and it is stored on the Vaavud servers.  Vaavud is working on a mechanism by which teachers – or anyone in general – can extract that data from their servers.

All in all, two enthusiastic thumbs up for the Vaavud wind speed meter!


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