TI Sensor Tag

Sometimes, a little bit of accidental research can yield great rewards.  In digging around for ways to use my iPhone to record particulate matter data, I came across a company called Sedaris, who is working on an App for particulate matter to use with their sensors.  Their sensors look great, by the way.  The company founder, Michael, pointed me to a little sensor that is produced by TI, the Sensor Tag.  Its a great little toy for $25.

TI Sensor Tag


The Sensor Tag connects to a mobile device using the Sensor Tag App, and provides the following instantaneous data:

  • Accelerometer in three directions
  • Magnetomter in three directions
  • Gyroscope in three directions
  • IR Temperature
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Barometer
  • Humidity

The data shown is instantaneous, but a quick tap on the sensor name allows you to bring up the data log for the sensor, along with an ongoing graph.  The data for all of the sensors looks very good.  Again, the Sensor Tag has immediate applications in both my Atmospheric Science class and my Physics classes.

My own pet peeve – the data cannot be exported for further analysis.

All in all, another enthusiastic two thumbs up!

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