ADE Institute – A Week of Learning

The ADE Institute was crammed full of learning.  Every moment was a learning opportunity. We were allowed to chose from Creative Agency Sessions and more formal workshops.

Creative Agency

One of the Creative Agency workshops that I loved was taking better pictures with the iPhone.  This was also a formal professional development workshop.  In the workshop, we learned how to create a very simple photo studio in our classrooms.  For example, we looked at ways to best photograph Mr. Potato Head – using an iPhone, some black foam board and some well placed lighting.

Mr. Potato Head


I  can’t wait to set up my own mini photography studio!

One of the other interesting workshops I attended was on advanced features of iBooks Author, presented by the Duarte Company.  They have a great eye for design and a great eye for unique ways of using and implementing iBooks Author features.  My favorite feature is using Keynote to produce pop-up menus in iBA.

On Wednesday night, we had some Unconference time.  I participated in the Improv workshop run by Rebecca Stockley, the Improv Lady.

Improv, Lady, Rebecca, Stockley

During the workshop, we did a number of improv games, including “Where has my finger been?” and “Bunny, Bunny.”  If you want to relax, let loose, have fun and make a fool of yourself, improv is the way to go.  We could have played these games all night!

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