Avenues Conference – SAMRi Workshop

At the Avenues Innovated Conference, I attended a session called Personalizing PD: Becoming SAMRi.  The description:

“Simple  integration of technology does not work! Technology’s greatest impact on education is when technology introduces ‘new’ possibilities for learning. We will walk through a new kind of professional development model focused on the SAMR model with specific examples for teachers to utilize in ‘Tomorrow’s Lesson’ and a process to improve throughout a school year and beyond.”

Sometimes we need a reminder about the focus and purpose of professional development in technology.  PD cannot simply be focused on how to use an iPad or how to make an iMovie.  It needs to be brought back to the impact on learning.

Scott Meech, Director of Technology in Downer’s Grove, IL, walked us through the SAMR pathway, the same journey we need our faculty to walk.  Thinking about the types of activities we are doing in our classes – substitution, augmentation, modification, redefinition – is helpful in understanding how technology is transforming the learning.  Scott set forth a great model for all of our schools to follow.


SAMR Model

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