Avenues Innovated Keynote – Lucy Gray

Over the past two days, I attended the Avenues Innovated Conference.  All the attendees were forward thinking innovators who brought their own, unique educational perspective to the conference.  I was blown away – especially by the other Apple Distinguished Educators – who were not only welcoming to a newbie ADE.  It was clear to me why they are ADEs.

The Wednesday morning keynote was offered by Lucy Gray, Educational Consultant.  Her talk was entitled “Modernizing Education for the 21st Century.  I’ve embedded her Powerpoint below.

Some of the key points she made that resonated with me:
  • Connectedness is changing everything
  • Serendipity happens
  • Educators wear any hats!
  • Continuous improvement is a worthy goal!
  • Perspectives need to expand!
  • No one should be asking for more seat time!

And most importantly, Lucy wants to see the following in our schools:

  • Visionary leadership
  • Empowered faculty
  • Authentically engaged students
  • Progressive learning and teaching practices
  • Authentic school communities

All I can say is here, here!

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