ISTE Workshop: Disruptive Learning

You don’t have to be at the conference to actually present!  It was my pleasure to co-present with Jim Bologna and Geraldine Loveless of the Windward School and Elaine Wrenn (another ADE!) of Echo Horizon on: Disruptive Innovation in Practice: 1:1 iPad Pedagogies.

Our workshop description: Simulating a collaborative iPad classroom, this session will prepare educational leaders to integrate mobile technology in a way that transforms the learning experience.

In our workshop, we focused on how the SAMR model can be implemented in the classroom curriculum through the use of ePublishing and storytelling; augmented reality using Aurasma; and formative and summative assessment using Socrative.




Co-presenting with such talented educators is such a joy.  We all have the same vision for teaching and learning – an environment in which students are empowered to take control of their own learning.  It’s also an environment in which teachers are empowered to take risks with their curriculum and cede ownership of the learning over to their students.  That’s not easy to do.

You can find our presentation here along with the supporting resources!

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