Maps Engine Lite from Google

Google Maps has undergone a substantial overhaul – as evidenced in the online course Mapping with Google.  There is a lot of new functionality in the soon to be released application.

Another new application is Maps Engine Lite.  Google Maps Engine Lite lets you quickly and easily make custom maps, and share them with friends or colleagues. Whether you’d like to visualize protected forest areas, food drive drop-off areas, or the locations of your project sites, this tool gives you the ability to:

  • import data from a spreadsheet, or simply draw and add points of interest, lines and shapes
  • style the points and shapes on your map, and choose from nine base map styles
  • share your map with colleagues and embed it on your website

A sample map created in Google Maps Engine Lite may be found here.  Visually, the map was created by The MAPA Project, and features the locations of Shark Spotters along the False Bay coastline in South Africa, as well as all reported white shark sightings between September 8, 2012, and February 22, 2013. In the tutorial below, we’ll teach you how to make this map.

Shark Spotters








Lots of applications to the science and math curriculum here!  Great way to visually represent data.  Data can be in a CSV or Excel file and be imported, cleaned up and edited.  Can;t wait to try it in Atmospheric Science!!

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