Kathy Schrock Webinar: Using the iPad for Collaboration and Assessment

Many times, when you sign up for a webinar, you hope it is chockful of information you can use right away in your classroom.  On June 5, I participated in a EdWeb Webinar with Kathy Schrock.  Once again, Kathy did not disappoint.  She focused on apps for collaboration, apps for assessment and apps for workflow.

Here are some of my favorites.






Baiboard is a free collaborative App that provides live collaboration via a zoomable multipage whiteboard, collaborative annotation on PDF documents and screen sharing from iPad to web browser. It also integrates with Dropbox.

Three Ring





Three Ring makes it easy for teachers and students to document evidence from the classroom.  You can take a picture of any paper, drawing or board work; record presentations or discussions with audio or video plus students can upload their own work from any mobile device or computer.  Its easy to use, its student-friendly and it allows for student digital portfolio.






Instashare is like AirDrop for the iPad.  Instashare allows users to seamlessly transfer files between a desktop and an iPad or between 2 devices.  Cannot wait to try this with students!

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