ITP Spring Show

The ITP Spring Show is a two day exhibition of recent interactive media works by the students of ITP.


I saw some very interesting exhibits for sure.  According to the ITP staff, the show is an opportunity for the ITP students to “go wild” and explore areas of interest.  Some of the projects were practical, some theoretical, some experiment.  What impressed me was the community of learners at ITP.  Many of the students and presenters at the show sought creative and innovative solutions to common problems.  Other students and presenters sought to represent, display and visualize data in unique ways.

Some of my favorites

1. The Nature of Overfishing.  “A web aquarium visualizing a troubling 100 year story.”

2. Flying Penguin.  An iPad based game to strengthen the breathing of asthmatic children.

3. Well Sequenced Synthesizer.  An Arduino based product used to teach musical scales.

4. WANT.  An art installation piece that seeks to portray a positive image of Muslims in America.

5. Plant Pinball.  A virtual pinball machine that teaches players about cell division in the root of the plant.

6. Primitives.  An interactive sculpture that draws the patterns of its own perception.

And my favorite

Tele-source.  A cell phone tower designed to be deployed during disaster situations to provide SMS communication.  This project is a gold-mine.  During Superstorm Sandy, cell phone communication suffered greatly.  This system would allow more personal communication through a smaller telecommunications network.  Can’t wait to see it on Shark Tank!



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