Teq Digital Learning Summit

This morning, I attended the Teq Digital Learning Summit at Avenues: The World School.


The keynote speaker was Paul Facteau, from Apple, who describes himself as Innovation Instigator.  I love it!  Paul’s talk focused on an architecture of innovation in schools.  There are times when you hear a speak and say “Wow!” This was one of those presentations.  There are times when you leave a presentation so many nuggets of information that you find yourself energized.  This was one of those presentations.

Some key points:

  • We need to understand that the content scarcity model and the current curriculum in schools model no longer exist.
  • We need to have a destruction of the current period, subject and grade models.
  • There is an urgency to rethink systems and learning.

Paul asked the following question: Are you teaching students to solve problems for which there are no answers?

The educational paradigm has now shifted:

  • Stationary to ubiquitous
  • Formal to casual
  • Arms-length to intimate
  • Abstract to physical

We need to change the experience to get students and teachers to look at learning differently.  And then answer the next question – do kids give a damn about what they are learning?

We need learning to be personalized, precise and professional.  We need to give students a voice and a choice.

For teachers:

  • Support: foster self-reliance
  • Relevance: Add value or die
  • Leadership: Take it down your street



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