TICAL Session 4

The final TICAL session I participated in was: Publish and Prosper: Tips on Promoting Student Generated Knowledge in the Public Sphere by Craig Perrier.  Excellent presentation!

We began with the video: The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler.  The video focuses on how students can be networked – or should be networked – to a global audience.  What amazed me about this video was that it was produced in 2008.  How little we have come since then but how important this video is today.


Perrier focused on the following concepts in his presentation:

  1. How connected are your teachers?
  2. How connected are your students?
  3. Can your teachers and students identify their learning networks?
  4. If knowledge is social, what society are you learning from?
  5. To what extent are students at the center of the learning?
  6. To what extent is the student’s learning differentiated, individualized and personalized?

These are all questions we should be asking our teachers and our students?

Perrier also challenged us to think about who are the arbiters of connections, resources, evaluation and knowledge in your classroom?  For most of us, it is the teacher.  But transitioning these to the students is a challenge – in that students may be surprised how challenging it may be to be the arbiters as well!

Perrier also reviewed the work of Bill Farren from ed4wb.org, comparing and contrasting a traditional learning paradigm

Traditional Learning Paradigm


to a networked learning paradigm.

Networked Learning Paradigm


Again, the transition from the first to the second is challenging for both teachers and students.


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