TICAL Keynote

Today, I’ve been sitting through – virtually – the TICAL (Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership) School Leadership Summit.  The online conference has five specific strands:

  • Vision in a Changing World
  • Teaching and Learning in a Changing World
  • Professional Learning in a Changing World
  • Data-driven Reform in a Changing World
  • Ethical and Responsible Use in a Changing World

I participated in three online sessions this morning.

1. The morning keynote: ACCELERATE INTELLIGENCE: Strategies for Building a Next Generation Learning Organization by Bill Brennan

The focus of this session was social network theory and social capital.  Brennan posed a key question: “We are living and working in a world where we don’t even know what we don’t know.”

Brennan advocated for unlearning, unlearning engrained assumptions about leadership and learning as well as a renewed commitment to learning in scalable ways.  We need to have our teachers and our leaders constantly engaged in context, discovering ideas they never thought of.

Brennan also suggested that social media and social networks – like Linked In and Twitter – should be avenues and connections that all teachers follow.  The idea is to be intentional about who you follow.  Moreover, the cost of learning in the new social infrastructure is so low!  The constant flow of knowledge will expose people to new perspectives.  His other key line: Social knowing is never finished.

Brennan recommended many readings and specifically pointed out this TedTalk by Simon Sinek, entitled: How great leaders inspire?



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