Proof the Flipped Classroom Rocks

Quoting K. Walsh on his blog Emerging EdTech:

“Three universities provide empirical evidence supporting the potential for ‘the flip’ to make a measurable difference in engagement and learning.

As an advocate of the potential of the flipped classroom, it’s rewarding and encouraging when student and teacher feedback supports the benefits of this approach, and this happens quite often. However, a wealth of measurable evidence that the technique can improve learning outcomes would go a long way towards convincing educators everywhere that this is an important technique to consider leveraging further in our schools.

Not long ago I stumbled across an article about San Jose State University that discusses measurable improvements in test scores in a course in which some students used a flipped model. This weekend I went in search of more such examples, and share these findings here.”

Check out the empirical data discussed by researchers at San Jose State, Vanderbilt and Montana State University here.

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