Why Student Self Assessment Rocks

A great blog post from TransformEd on “Another Student-Involved Assessment Experiment.”  I quote:

“Last April, Dean Shareski — a guy that I consider a mentor and a friend — inadvertently lit a fire under my professional bee-hind with a bit titled Adventures in Assessment.  In it, Dean laid out a pretty simple challenge that I took to heart.

He wrote:

“So I’m wondering if you’re ready to let your students assess
themselves. Not as some experiment where you end up grading them apart
but where you really give the reigns over to them? If not, is it about
trust? Is it about readiness? Fear?

I’m thinking that even 6 year olds should be able to assess themselves. If we give them the tools and expectations.”

This is perhaps key to assessment, but perhaps one of the most challenging types of assessment.  Are students going to be honest in their assessments or will they just give themselves and A?

Check out the entire blog post.

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