Why the STEM Think Tank Day 1 Afternoon Rocked!

After a great lunch filled with conversation, it was back to learning!

My first session was another Think Tank – Role models, Connections, Interactions and the Power of the Personal Narrative, led by Antoinette Decker of Greenwich Academy.  Another educator who gets it!  Two in a row.  Ann discussed the GAINS program at Greenwich Academy, a fantastic mentoring program that allows their students the opportunity to interact with professionals in the STEM professions.  I loved several things about the program – she started small and it grew based on student interest (as opposed to beating the students over the head); she used her alumnae association, parents association and development to find connections.  Such a replicable program!

Then it was time for my session – STEM@Marymount: It’s More Like Alphabet Soup.  It’s always hard to present in front of your peers but even more challenging when colleagues from your own school and your sister school are in the audience.  My goal was to focus on learning at Marymount and how we have woven the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics throughout the curriculum.  In some ways, the word STEM doesn’t exist at Marymount.  Its part of our culture.  So not only did I get the funky lecture room, but I had a full house as well.  Presentation – two thumbs up!  Attendees – satisfied.

After some down time at the hotel – and experience more heat and humidity than humanly possibly, it was time to share and dine with our colleagues from Marymount LA.  I’m always impressed how seamlessly faculty and staff from our two schools fit together.  It was three hours of good food, good wine and good conversation, at the Tin Angel.

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