Why the Lausanne Laptop Institute Rocked!




What a great day at the Lausanne Laptop Institute!  A lot of good conversation and presentations about the effective use of technology in the curriculum.  It was reassuring to know that Marymount is ahead of the curve.

Workshop 1: Who Needs Conferences

As the description says, “Conferences are a great way for getting inspired, learning new ideas and connecting with other great educators.”  The presenters, from Virgina, reviewed a number of good communications strategies, including Twitter, chats, list servs and livebinder.  A lot of good stuff here.  My favorite – linoit – an App where students (and teachers) can post their thoughts using little stickies.  Very cool for the “anonymous question” in class.

Workshop 2: Technology and Engagement Techniques

The workshop reviewed how to increase student engagement and allow students time for closer to move content to long term memory.  We went through a lot – and I mean a lot – of Web 2.0 applications that all pretty much did the same thing.  I would have liked to spend more time understanding the brain research behind the Apps.

Workshop 3: Thriving and not just surviving in Year One of a 1:1 Program

St. Christopher’s in Virginia recently started a 1:1 BYOD program – and spent a lot of quality time communicating with parents and faculty to get buy in for their program.  I love how they guided the faculty to come up with their own guidelines and “manifesto” about their use of technology.  My only disagreement was that the faculty said they’d use technology “one more time a month.”  It should be used when it helps meet learning objectives.

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