Why iOS5’s Mirroring Feature Rocks!

Remember when Smartboards were all the rage (and in some ways, still are).  Some educational technologists and some teachers believed that the Smartboard returned us to the teacher-centered, front of the room style of learning.

The mirroring feature in iOS5 on the iPad (and even on the iPhone) changes all of that.  You can return your classroom to being student-centered.  And all you need is an iPad, HD projector (for about $600), an Apple TV and a wall.

First, connect an Apple TV to an HD projector.

Use the video mirroring feature on your iPad:

Then you can project what’s on your iPad (This is done using Skitch).

Onto the wall:

So why is this a big deal?

1. Your iPad now becomes an movable, interactive whiteboard.  For problem solving exercises and map analysis, the iPad can be passed around to your students.

2. Your students’ iPads are now interactive whiteboards.  Just have your students slide over to video mirroring and they can display their work.  No more coming to the board.

3. You can share – and videotape – experiments.  Remember crowding around the lab station to show whats going on – or even crowding around the hood.  Have a student use the video camera and video mirroring to show their experiment to the rest of the class.

4. You can even use your Notebook files.  Teachers are often concerned because their lessons are in Notebook, the proprietary software from Smartboard.  Here is the work around.  Export your Notebook files as images, then open them on the iPad in Skitch.  You won’t be able to edit the images, but you will be able to annotate them (And then send them back to your students!)

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